There’s Something Only Love Do

Have you ever imagine if there were no love in this world?… If you haven’t pleace don’t you ever try do that because it will be so horifiying.
I’m sure there wan’t be such a beautiful life that we have right now.If there were no love our life would be so boring, empty dan desolate.

So far, I’ve never leave one day without love.

Love as same as with music.Eventhought I listen to the music everyday, I never feel bore. Because there is something new in music, and so that the love. Love can make me feel happy, like I get a good mark on my exam, I win a competition, love really makes me enjoy my winning time. I feel like I fly away above the sky with all the feeling inside. But in other side, love make a worse sadness, love can make me sad and down such as I get a bad mark, I fail in doing something, my mom is angry with me, and make my hearth broken. But all off the reality of love gives me spirit to do something better and not to lamentover my sadness

That some thing wich is looked so hard to be done will be a very simple thing when love on my side. If I don’t know what to do and have nothing to do, love make me feel relax,

so that I can take a rest well…..

He… he… he… he… he… he…


~ by azwirdafrist on January 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “There’s Something Only Love Do”

  1. Katanya cinta itu gila, ada juga yang bilang cinta itu buta, tapi kata ABG cinta itu indah bagi yang memiliki. Semua orang mengharap dicintai dan mamapu mencintai. Tapi……………… siapa, apa, bagaimana dan seperti apa cinta kita pada Sang khalik apa pernah terilustrasikan dengan baik??? he…. he….

  2. Wouw! When u get a good mark of luv, u can relax…, take a rest…, n then what? Sleep (ngorok)? He.he.he… Sory just kiddin’

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