Have you ever think about friend is? If you have, what kind of friend in your mind. There are so many kind of friend in this world. But among them, there is a kind of friend wich is the best than other called “TRUE FRIEND”. You will find it difficulty in joyful moments. True friend will come to you, not only when you are happy but they will stay by your side any time you need it. They will never ignore you … and will keep the promises that she or he has made to you. They will always give you support to be some one who has a brave hearth to face the world. I have a view of my true friend is called sXe six, they are Maya, Xani, Yunita, Ulva, Dewi dan me. I get them when I was in Malang Univercity.
But you have to be careful with such kind off pretenders. They seem to be nice, always help you and accompanying you whenever you want. But in the end, they will dump you when their job is over. And if you find these kinds of pretenders, just prepare your self that you will be hurted someday. I wish no one of you would find these kind of people. But I do hope that you will find your true friend as soon as possible. And when you find it don’t let them go because they are difficult to find. Beside that, you know that a true friendship will last until the end of time.


~ by azwirdafrist on February 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “TRUE FRIEND”

  1. yess..absolutely right..true friends are difficult to find. kebanyakan kalo butuh aja dateng tp pas kita susah they don’t care to us. What de friends are for….kadang pas kita butuh mereka ga ada, tapi ambil prinsip byk memberi dan sedikit menerima aja deh, biar ga pernah sakit hati soalnya kalo terallau byk berharap biasanya byk kecewanya…semoga kita bisa jadi teman buat siapapun, make comfortable everyone around us…

  2. yups, agree.
    it’s me d one from sXe six. tapi, aku sekarang gak ngerti lagi dmn mereka?semua ilang gitu aja seiring dengan waktu.
    gak tau lagi ngapain mereka semua, apa yang mereka lakuin.
    mobile phone yang 1-1 nya penyambung lidah pun, udah mulai usang. entah karena apa?
    but, anyway that’s live…
    everything will be come en gone without you ask.
    but, KEEP ROCKING D WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

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